Julie Kilminster

                  Visual Artist

Current City: Leicester


Hi and welcome to this new and improved creative space; at the moment it is getting towards the end of 2017, with the New Year approaching I have felt like revamping my page and am attempting to turn a new leaf on my creative life.


Regular visitors will notice this site has been completely stripped down, this is in part to do with the cost of renewal and also to do with my trying to focus a lot more on my current project – Going in to 2018 I would prefer to just showcase where my work is going to rather than lumping a lot of past work in and creating a visually confusing site.


In 2018 I will be turning 32 and will also be celebrating my first anniversary of having a studio space (this June). I have not had a studio since my university studies and haven’t produced much in the way of artwork between then and now due to personal circumstances. Now I am back and ready to get creative!


I will now be using this site for my current Fine Art project only, for photography, design and random creative activities please see my social media links below.


For regular video diaries and updates please see my Facebook page – www.facebook.com/juliekilminsterartist


For my design work please see www.facebook.com/juliekilminsterdesign


Instagram: kilminsterjulie


For my blog please see: https://jkilminsterartist.blogspot.co.uk/

Current and upcoming exhibitions:


I have no exhibitions in the pipeline at the moment, please check in again later...                                                

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